No customer is too large or small. Our clientele encompasses housewives, commercial accounts, professional recyclers, retired couples, "honey-do" cleanup commandos, as well as everyday workers. We even cater to local sculptors who find materials for their works of art!

Bruno's friendly and enthusiastic representative will be happy to help you through your recycling experience.

Customer 1Bruno's has the ability to facilitate on-site cleanup, and auto-body smashing services. Put Randy's 30 years of experience to work for you. He will help you accomplish your goal with the least cost and least amount of effort.

Customer 1Bruno's is also a licensed and certified processor for the Department of Conservation. This agency oversees and monitors the California recycling program, and is responsible for the waste stream reduction commitment in the state. Bruno's receives from consumers and recycling facilities well over half a million pounds of California recycled products every month! These containers are cancelled and returned to the smelter for melting and reformation.

Our staff is devoted to customer service. Feel free to ask questions or ask for assistance anytime you call or visit.