Aluminum Cans (UBC) 

Bruno's accepts all aluminum cans. Aluminum cans that are included in the redemption program are paid for using a dual value system. Bruno's acts as an agent for the state by refunding that portion of the assessed value due you. This amounts to $1.24 per pound. All recycling centers are required to return a minimum of $1.24 per pound to you. Bruno's also returns to you a value for the metal itself. This value will fluctuate in accordance with the metal markets. Being a metal processor, Bruno's is able to consistently pay you top dollar for this portion of the can value.

Effective Jan 1 CalRecycle has imposed a 100lbs limit on how much CRV cans and Plastic, and 500lbs limit on CRV glass  that can be purchased.


We will match all competitors prices!


Aluminum Recycling 

  • Aluminum made up 1.5% of the total municipal solid waste stream generated in the U.S. in 1994.

  • In 1994, 3.1 million tons of aluminum waste was generated: aluminum containers and packaging, such as soft drink and beer cans, contributed 2.1 million tons.

  • Most aluminum recovered from the waste stream is used to manufacture new cans.

  • There are 29 cans per pound of aluminum, up from 22 in 1972.

  • 99% of all beer cans and 97% of all soft drink cans are made of aluminum.

  • The average aluminum can in the U.S. contains 40% post-consumer recycled aluminum.

  • It requires only 5% as much energy when a can is made of recycled aluminum as compared to virgin ore!

  • American consumers and industry throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire U.S. commercial air fleet every 3 months.

  • Approximately 65.5% of aluminum containers were recycled in the U.S. in 1994. The overall rate for aluminum packaging was 55.0%.

  • The lifespan of an aluminum can is 6 weeks on average: that means that the time it takes for a beverage can to be manufactured, filled, sold, recycled and remanufactured is 6 weeks on average.

Information courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Material Type

Refund Value 
Per Segregated Pound

Aluminum                                                           $1.59

Glass                                                                   $0.106

#1 PET Plastic                                                     $1.07

#2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)                  $0.60

#3 PVC (Vinyl)                                                    $1.33

#4 LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)                   $2.06

#5 PP (Polypropylene)                                         $0.38

#6 PS (Polystyrene)                                            $5.69

#7 Other (Includes pouches and unspecified resins)  $0.32

Bimetal                                                               $0.32