When Bruno Tosi first opened his scrap yard in the mid 1940’s on Fulton Street, he may not have realized he was establishing a legacy. Now the business is owned and operated by Randy Tosi, grandson of Bruno, and over the past four and a half decades, he has witnessed firsthand a number of significant changes in the industry.

Randy takes pride in his company. Bruno’s is part of a nationwide industry, recycling massive quantities of aluminum cans annually. They take in everything from aluminum cans and plastic bottles to lawn mowers, washing machines and automobiles, paying customers varying rates for different metals.

We’re a processing center,” Randy said. “We process all grades of metal to international standards and ship accordingly to various buyers across the country, and even around the globe. 60% of Bruno’s products are exported, predominately to the Pacific Rim; 20% is shipped to the East Coast, and the remaining 20% is shipped throughout the West Coast.

Metal recycling is a complex industry and Randy watches the commodity markets, taking cues from Wall Street in calculating the value of metals.
“I think people would be surprised to learn this is much more that a scrap yard”, said Randy. “The image of my grandfather’s business is not the image of today’s business. We’ve changed a lot over the years, and for the better.” Randy refers to both the operation as well as the industry. As for Bruno’s, what began as a metal and iron salvage operation, has grown to a major resource for recycling in the Central Valley.

Randy is very serious about creating an Earth-friendly environment. Bruno’s is grateful and recognizes all their customers who contribute to the millions of pounds of materials each month Says Randy, “This is a customer driven industry, and our customers are pretty special."


Our Hours:

  • Monday through Friday: open 8:00AM to 4:45PM
  • Saturday: open 8:00AM to 12:00PM Noon
  • Sunday - Closed

Mission Statement

Bruno's Iron and Metal is the ultimate recycling facility. It is our goal to encourage the recycling of materials through the sharing of knowledge and awareness, customer service, community support, and fair and competitive pricing. Bruno's belief is that our environment is our most valuable asset, and should be treasured as such.

Bruno's has been in operation since the early 1950's, when Bruno Tosi started the business. Today, Bruno's is run by Randy Tosi, the third generation. Bruno's has built its business on customer service and satisfaction. The facility is located on 7 1/2 acres in southern Fresno. Bruno's has the ability to handle and process all materials.

  • 702 ton Harris Shear
  • One Mobile Shear 
  • Two Harris High Speed Balers
  • Mosely Sheet Metal Baler
  • Nine Cranes, including three New Caterpillar
  • Grapple Cranes
  • Logemann Metal Briquetter


We have six separate weighing scales including two new 70-foot truck scale and various other material handling equipment. Bruno's has the ability to both load and unload rail cars, trucks and automobiles. 

Customer 1Bruno's is committed to safety!

Upon entering Bruno's you will notice a sign displaying the number of days worked with no lost-time accidents. If you watch this sign and the numbers increase towards the end of the month, we invite all of our customers to join us in our Employee Appreciation Luncheon. This luncheon is catered by some of the best BBQ Chefs in the Greater Fresno Area. It is Bruno's way of thanking our staff for being safe. All are welcome!